St Patrick’s Day 2017 gig at The Northern Star

Stephen and I always look forward to March the 17th and theĀ chance to bring our Irish music to familiar clubs and pubs as well as visiting new venues, meeting new friends and cooking up a storm of singing and dancing to classic Irish songs. This year we headed to Hamilton, NSW, to The Northern StarĀ and by mid morning this famous Irish Pub was in full swing.

It didn’t take long to plug in the house PA system in the front bar, tune up our guitar and violin and kick straight into The Black Velvet Band. It was fantastic to be back for this St Paddy’s gig after a great day last year, and this gig had the same atmosphere of a room full of friends, drinking, dancing, singing, taking selfies and catching up for a special day of music and the odd Guinness. Looking forward to another gig at The Northern Star soon.